Start ups and Accelerators

We’re a software development company that helps businesses across the globe bring their products to life. Whether you’re a startup founder or a startup accelerator consultant looking for a trusted technical partner, we’re here for you.

Who we are

We are a London-based, software house with offices in the United Kingdom, Poland and Bulgaria. Our mission is to enable companies to achieve more through software solutions tailored to their needs. We help our clients navigate the digital world, explore potential solutions and seamlessly build digital products.

A partner for both parties

Launch fast with a trusted partner

Starting with the challenge you intend to solve, we work with you to analyze the problem and find solutions to best address it.

Our product development is based on the agile methodology, ensuring transparency and predictable delivery. We prepare a roadmap of our further steps whilst also always keeping you in the loop. During the product design stage, we deliver a user experience and interface that meets your business goals. After which we develop the software and help you launch.

Help your startups grow their products while we take care of the software.

Skillwork can be your dedicated technical partner thanks to our product development workflow.

Poor technical implementation is a major reason why start-ups fail. With our experience in software development for start-ups and our great track record, we're a technology partner that you can trust and rely on.

Take your pick

Whether you’re looking for a prototype to receive funding, an MVP to validate your product, or a full-fledged solution built from scratch, we’re here to lead you all the way through.

Product Prototype

We can create a test version of your product in one of two ways. The first option is to create a clickable prototype. The second option is to prepare an MVP, that will demonstrate the core product functionality and design and can help you make a great pitch.


If you need to validate your business idea fast, think of building a Minimum Viable Product (MVP). It takes us about 4 months to deliver an MVP. We use this time to research your business model and market, define a development roadmap, and build a solution.

Product Development

We ensure that your product meets your “now” needs, but we lay a strong technical foundation so we can scale it seamlessly whenever the time comes. We do this by looking into business modelling and requirements engineering.

Rescue Mission

If you need to rebuild or enhance your product, you can take advantage of our startup rescue services. We understand startup culture and its most common issues. And what’s more important, we know how to address them quickly and cost-efficiently.

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