Product Tech Scope

The secret sauce behind successful product development

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What is product tech scope?

An intensive, 7-day process during which you'll sit down with product experts and developers to explore how to approach bringing your product to the market from both business and technical perspective. We will produce a comprehensive report outlining possible strategies to develop your Minimum Viable Product. Ideal for those who are at the very beginning of their entrepreneurial journeys.

How it works

  • 1

    Scope preparation

    An initial session for us to understand your vision for the product

  • 2

    User Stories

    During this session we will discuss with you a more detailed list of functionalities

  • 3

    Final Report

     Having all of the information we need we will write up and present a detailed report on your MVP

Key Benefits

Reduced Risk

Reduced Cost

Test the waters

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Why Us?

We work only with the best and brightest in tech talent. For each developer we hire, we go through at least 100 candidates through a rigorous vetting process. Once onboarded our employees gain a deep understanding of the company and processes we use.

As we are ex startup founders with a corporate background, we know that there is more to a successful product than technology. We will always be looking at your product from a business standpoint.

We have helped many founders and leaders build successful products across various industries. Click Here to see our case studies.

We know what its like to build a company from the ground up with very few resources. When you build a product with us it will always be streamlined to the most important features for your users.

Turn your idea into reality

We've helped some great companies brand, design and get to market.

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